Provider portal takes centre stage

Aka Pārongo

In the ever-evolving landscape of assessment and quality assurance, the second quarter of 2023 saw a significant breakthrough in the form of the provider portal – Aka Pārongo. This platform has transformed how our assurance team calls for assessment samples for moderation, offering providers autonomy and convenience in the submission process.  

Streamlining assessment sample submission 

The traditional process of submitting assessment samples for moderation manually was time-consuming. The development of the provider portal has transformed a cumbersome process into a seamless and efficient experience. 

Providers can upload assessment samples of any size and file type directly into the portal’s dedicated samples area for each unit standard. This digital platform ends the constraints of physical documentation and allows providers to send a comprehensive range of samples easily.  

Assurance team review and collaboration 

Once assessment samples are uploaded through the provider portal, the assurance team manages the moderation of the documents. This crucial step allows us to evaluate the quality, validity, and consistency of assessing the standard of assessments provided. Should further evidence be required or clarification needed, our assurance team can quickly contact providers to request further evidence entered through the portal, fostering a streamlined and collaborative communication channel.  

Embracing feedback and continuous improvement 

As the provider portal for assessment sample submission is a new approach, feedback from all stakeholders plays a vital role in refining the process further. This transformative initiative’s team welcomes suggestions, concerns, or user recommendations. To give your feedback, get in touch. Your suggestions will help ensure the system evolves in response to the needs and expectations of the users. 

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