The new Workforce Information Platform.

Bigger, better, faster, stronger.

We’ve made some important updates to our Workforce Information Platform, Since the launch of the site, has consistently displayed essential regional workforce data.  

This website has now evolved to include more sector-based information. While the site still has regional information, users will now see a new homepage with easy-to-find additional information at their fingertips.  

New latest features and updates include: 

  1. Data Enrichment: The platform has been supercharged with new data including industry specifics, workforce intel, employment pathways, and training insights.  
  2. Advanced Filters: Users can now refine data based on industries and strategic groups. Enhanced filter functionality, now residing on the left side of the interface, offers an uninterrupted industry or strategic sector view.  
  3. Enhanced Sharing: Streamlined link sharing enables users to share specific page views with personalised filters, simplifying data-sharing.  
  4. Journey Insights: The platform now delves into the dynamics of career changers in the sector, shedding light on retention, intra-industry shifts, and exit trends over a three-year window.  

Existing users should be aware that previously saved internal site links as they may require updates due to the revamp. The platform remains accessible via its original URL,  

Waihanga Ara Rau invites everyone to explore the enriched and user-centric Workforce Information Platform.