Extension of Carpentry Qualification and Rollover of Unit Standards

Extension of Carpentry Qualification approved by NZQA in September 2022

The last date for assessment of the New Zealand Certificate in Carpentry (Level 4) [Ref: 2738] has been extended until January 2027, due to the number of enrolments in this qualification. This allows current learners to complete the current version of the qualification without having to transition to a new version.

Reasons for the review

The unit standards within the New Zealand Certificate in Carpentry are due for review. It is suggested that these unit standards be rolled over until 31 December 2023 when it is planned that they will be developed into Skill Standards.

30844Install and flash exterior joinery4
30845 Prepare for roof cladding installation, and complete longrun roof cladding installation4
30846 Install and flash wall claddings4
30847 Install ceiling framing4
30848Demonstrate understanding of columns, posts, beams and portals4
30849 Construct and erect roof framing4
30850 Construct and erect wall frames4
30851Demonstrate understanding of the principles, features and construction methods of different building types4
30852Demonstrate understanding of licensing requirements, and comply with codes and consent processes, for construction work4
30853Read and interpret working drawings and specifications and apply them to undertake construction projects4
30854 Apply legislative frameworks to construction operations4
30855 Demonstrate understanding of materials used for carpentry work4
30856 Use mathematics for construction4
30857 Plan and communicate for construction processes4
30858 Demonstrate understanding of building and construction science4
30859 Use tools and equipment for carpentry work4
30860 Install finishing trim4
30861 Install building hardware4
30862 Install thermal insulation4
30863Install interior joinery4
30864 Install wall and ceiling linings4
30865 Install sound control systems for noise reduction and soundproofing4
30866 Plan and undertake demolition work4
30867Establish, maintain and disestablish a construction site4
30868 Set out buildings, construct profiles and establish set-out points4
30869Maintain the professional standards of the construction industry as a carpentry trade professional4
30870 Construct concrete foundations and slabs4
30871 Construct framed floors and stairs or ramps4
30872Construct retaining walls4