Review of Electrical Equipment in Explosive Atmospheres Qualification and Unit Standards

Qualification Review 

A group of industry representatives, facilitated by Waihanga Ara Rau, has completed the review of the following qualification:

NZC in Electrical Equipment in Explosive Atmospheres (Level 4) [Ref: 3614] with optional strands in

  • Explosion-Protected Electrical Equipment Installation
  • Explosion-Protected Electrical Equipment Inspection, and
  • Explosion-Protected Electrical Equipment in Underground Mines


  • Include outcome for the installation strand in the core qualification and reduce the overall credit to 40 credits
  • Remove the inspection strand as this is higher than Level 4
  • Remove the underground mines strand as this is no longer useful in New Zealand
  • Develop micro-credentials where needed, for example, inspection and gas detection.

The reviewed qualification can be viewed here.

Unit Standard Review 

Engineering and Technology > Explosive Atmospheres

Electrical Apparatus in Explosive Atmospheres - Compliance17055, 17068, 17069, 17074, 24980, 24981, 24985, 30068, 30070, 30071
Electrical Apparatus in Explosive Atmospheres - Operations17054, 17056, 17058, 17059, 17070, 17071, 17072, 17073, 24976, 24977, 24978, 24979, 24982, 24983, 24984, 24986, 24987, 26739, 26740, 26741, 26742, 26743, 30069


  • Update legislation and standards while maintaining alignment to the Electricity (Safety) Regulations (2010)
  • Remove references to UEENEEM Australian Competency Standards because these standards have been deleted or superseded
  • Expire the unit standards which have not been used in the past five years or are not included in the proposed programme or micro-credentials

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