Relationship Manager: Construction & Infrastructure Services - Quantity surveying, project management, architectural technology, surveying, trade supply, building information modelling, procurement, Industry Equity Project.

Hannah Neman

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Hannah is currently leading the engagement piece for the Industry Equity Project (IEP) on behalf of Waihanga Ara Rau Workforce Development Council (WDC). As an umbrella initiative, the IEP is currently supporting the work of Trade Careers which creates pathways and reduces barriers for women who have lost their jobs or had their employment impacted by COVID-19 to transition into careers within the trades. The project is co-led with Hanga-Aro-Rau Manufacturing, Engineering, & Logistics WDC.

“A key focus is specialised support for Māori and Pacific career seekers, and industry-endorsed collateral to support employers to create safe and respectful workplaces that are ready to hire and retain women.” 

As a Relationship Lead for Engagement & Partnerships, Hannah leads engagement with the Construction and Infrastructure Services, or Professional Services, sectors including Quantity Surveying, Project Management, Architectural Technology, Surveying, Trade Supply, Building Information Modelling, and Procurement.

Hannah also helped to establish the Shared Data Platform Project (SDPP) led by Muka Tangata WDC, which aims to surface the collective intelligence of the vocational education ecosystem and generate rich insights with iwi, hapū and Māori organisational partners, industry partners and the diverse communities and regions serviced by the WDCs. This project works across the Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE) and other workforce initiatives to unlock greater workforce and career opportunities for a more inclusive Aotearoa New Zealand, and Hannah continues to liaise closely with the SDPP team to ensure good outcomes for the Industry Equity Project.

Outside of work

When Hannah is not completely immersed in the world of mahi at the WDCs, she loves to take time to explore her environment and play and teach music.

“I love playing with my tortoiseshell cat, Mahira, and engaging in experiences that encourage growth. It is important to me to contribute to building spaces and platforms for equitable success which is why I continue to teach and play music. I currently conduct Upper Hutt Brass Band’s D Grade band, and perform as a percussionist with Orchestra Wellington, Upper Hutt Brass Band’s 2022 Champion C Grade band, and travel to play with other bands and orchestras around the country.”