Relationship Manager: Construction - Concrete production and construction, pre-cast and product manufacture, carpentry, frame and truss manufacture, interior systems, glazing, roofing.

Louise Rutter

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Louise’s role is to partner closely with the sectors she looks after, identifying skills needs and advocating for those needs to be met both now and into the future.  

 “I’m passionate about vocational education having seen first-hand the positive impact gaining a trade qualification can have on a person’s life”

Looking to the future

Louise would like to see more employers connected to the vocational education system to ensure learners are qualifying with skills that are relevant and current to the industry they’re entering. Louise is excited about the introduction of skills standards from 2023, which will present opportunities for increased collaboration across the sector and a more flexible learner journey.

Outside of work

You’ll find Louise walking around one of Auckland’s many regional parks or trying out a new bar/restaurant. She also volunteers at her local theatre (strictly behind the scenes, (they’ve not managed to persuade her onto the stage yet!) and fosters kittens for a local animal rescue charity.