Construction Fundamentals

Skill standards development

We need your help!

Help define the skills needed for carpentry and construction industries by taking part in the development of new construction skill standards.

These skill standards will help to shape the future of carpentry and construction qualifications.

These skill standards will support flexible pathways into and within the construction sector. They will be used in programmes leading to New Zealand Certificate in Carpentry (Level 4) and in programmes across construction.

The new skill standards are being developed in two phases. Phase one is commencing now, with phase two due to begin in 2024.

Phase 1 – Construction Fundamental Skill Standards (commencing now)

These skill standards cover fundamental skills that are shared across multiple construction trades e.g., reading plans, project planning, and working within the construction legislative framework.

Proposed level progression within these skill standards:

Level 2 – Introductory industry skills, with a focus on health and safety requirements, for construction trades.
Level 3 – Developing competence with common trade skills to industry standards and working under limited supervision.
Level 4 – Applying a range of trade skills to industry standards and to meet the demands of the workplace.

Phase 2 – Carpentry Skill Standards (commencing 2024)

These skill standards lead to a carpentry qualification and focus on skills primarily related to carpentry e.g., standing frames, site set-out, and exterior claddings.

Kōrero mai – have your say and contribute to Phase 1 now!

  • Take our survey on the proposed fundamental construction skills – open until 5 pm 30 November.
  • Express interest in joining a cross-construction Technical Advisory Group – open until 5 pm Monday 27 November.
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Questions and comments – Ngā pātai me ngā korero?

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