Review of Electronics Technology Unit Standards

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We would like your thoughts on the review of the Electronics Technology Unit Standards that are listed below.

Subfield        Electronic Engineering

Domain         Electronic Installation and Maintenance , Core Electronics

6061Performance test and repair faulty radar equipment to unit or component level .412
6066 Diagnose and repair faulty electronic office equipment to module level .425
8213Diagnose and repair a faulty microprocessor or microcontroller system .46
20722 Install and commission electronic equipment .425
20726Diagnose and repair faulty electronic systems to module level .425
26724Performance test and repair faulty electronic communications equipment .415
26726Diagnose and repair faulty electronic equipment to component level .440
20719Demonstrate and apply knowledge of radio communications for electronics technicians.415

Reasons for the review

The unit standards are due for review as part of the regular review cycle, to make sure they remain current.

Contributions to the review are welcomed.

Questions and comments – Ngā pātai me ngā korero?

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