Sharing our plans and measures for 2023-24 

We’re proud to unveil our second Operational Plan, which covers the 2023-2024 year. Our focus is on fostering innovation and transformation in vocational education, ensuring employers and industries have access to the right people, skills, and opportunities. Building on the foundation of our 2022-23 Operational Plan, we remain committed to our core values of whanaungatanga, pono, and manaakitanga.  

This year is our year of action. We can work on a lot, and our focus is on doing the right things and doing them well to make an impact for the industry we serve.  

We understand the importance of collaboration and are dedicated to working with industry partners, other WDCs, ConCoVE, the government and many other organisations to address the challenges posed by economic uncertainty, global unrest, and labour market constraints. We are honoured to enter this second phase of our operation, navigating, innovating, and creating new opportunities to achieve good outcomes. Embracing the past and preparing for the future, we are excited to shape the future of vocational education together. 

Titiro whakamuri, whakarite ināianei hei hanga whakamua. 

Embrace the past, prepare now to shape the future.