Helping women connect

with work in the trades

There are several fantastic websites and groups that help women connect with work in the trades. They are well worth looking at if you are keen to encourage women to train for the trades and promote your programmes to women. A number of these groups also run events across the motu that could provide an opportunity for you to attend.

  • The Women’s Toolbox – Get a Career in the Trades – TradeCareers. A joint initiative by Hanga-Aro-Rau (the Manufacturing, Engineering and Logistics WDC) and Waihanga Ara Rau, TradeCareers aims to help women connect with work in the trades and support organisations to be inclusive of all genders.  The site offers a range of case studies, resources, connections, and support.
  • NAWIC, the National Association of Women in Construction, encourages women to pursue, establish, and sustain successful careers in the construction industry. It has several chapters throughout the country.
  • Women in Trades is a nonprofit organisation that promotes the trades as a viable career option for women and employers. It is run by a committed group in and around the trades and trades services industries.

We’re keen to hear what you’ve done to encourage more women into the trades, whether you’ve used the TradeCareers website, and what you think. Email [email protected] with your feedback.