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Build a more skilled workforce

Is your industry experiencing a shortage of skilled candidates coming through from vocational education? Does your industry struggle to hire people? Contact us so we can work with you to ensure that NZQA provides the right qualifications or standards. We can help ensure that the system trains more people with the right skills to meet the needs of your industry.

Meet rapid growth needs

Innovation and change are ongoing, and Aotearoa New Zealand industry needs to keep pace to compete. Rolling out standardised training can help your industry manage rapid growth and the need for swift change. Talk to us to explore how we can work together to create the qualifications that get you access to a workforce trained and ready to go.

Build opportunities in the Māori economy

Are you working in Māori business or in Iwi development? Aotearoa New Zealand has a dynamic and expanding labour force of skilled Māori business owners and assets. Work with us to help realise opportunities and develop the skills, standards and qualifications to support your business, community and iwi aspirations.

Te Ōhanga Māori – The Māori Economy 2018 report.