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Contribute to the development of new core construction skill standards to help define the skills needed for construction industries.

These skill standards will help to shape the future of qualifications across construction trades. Let’s build them together.

Waihanga Ara Rau is developing new core construction “building blocks” (skill standards) that reflect valuable skills shared across the construction trades. 

Draft skill standards have been identified at Levels 2, 3 and 4 that are relevant across construction trades. These are listed in the table below.

Benefits for industry

  • The skill standards reflect critical common skills the construction industry values. 
  • They will become one set of “building blocks” used by all providers, reducing confusion and inconsistencies. 
  • The skill standards will support learner pathways by including a progression of skills and knowledge from starting out to working unsupervised.
  • Learners will be able to transfer their achievements between providers and across construction trades seamlessly.
  • Skill standards provide flexibility for learners without compromising the skills and behaviours that industry values. 

Skill Standards as “building blocks”

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TopicLevel 2 (working titles)Level 3 (working titles)Level 4 (working titles)
Health and SafetyWork safely as part of a construction team Contribute to a health and safety construction team culture

Recognise potentially hazardous substances in existing buildings or structures*
Planning and communication Demonstrate active communication for basic construction projects Prioritise own work tasks to fit within a construction work programme

Demonstrate active communication when working with others on site
Measurements and calculationsTake measurements and interpret tables for construction projectsProblem solve using maths in a construction trade
Drawings and specifications Interpret standard plans and material specifications for construction tasks Locate and evaluate information for a construction work programme
Sustainable practicesRecognise practices to reduce material waste in a construction trade Apply strategies to protect the natural environment in a construction trade Contribute to positive sustainable practices in a construction team
Regulations and standards of practiceMaintain standards of work in a construction trade Evaluate a new or emerging technology for a construction trade

Undertake construction work to meet compliance requirements*
Tools and equipmentSafe use and storage of construction hand and power tools Use and maintain tools and equipment for construction projects
Building methods Select and use materials for a standard construction project

Perform basic building methods using timber*
Manage use of materials for timber construction projects*

Manage use of materials for in-situ concrete construction projects*

Manage the use of materials for light steel construction projects*
Recognise material chemistry, physics, and compatibility in a construction trade

Apply construction strategies to manage environmental impact on buildings
* Skill standards that are common to many but not all construction trades.

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