Electrical Engineering (Switchgear Fitting) (Level 4)

qualification review

New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Engineering (Switchgear Fitting) (Level 4) with optional strand in Electrical Installer [Ref 3470-1]

Reasons for the review

The qualification was due for review in 2021 to make sure it remains current.

The review involved consultation with providers and industry representatives.

An online meeting was held in July 2023, and consensus was reached by all parties in attendance that the qualification remains fit for purpose, with minor changes.

The following changes were made:

  • Education pathway was added, and there was a minor change to the wording of the employment pathway.
  • Qualification award was updated to include tertiary education organisations.
  • Evidence requirements for assuring consistency was updated to include analysis.
  • The general conditions were updated to include WDC programme endorsement considerations, and a link to the EWRB website was provided for the electrical installer licence requirements.
  • Transition information was updated.

The last day of assessment for version 1 is 21 December 2027.  Version 2 is published, and the new review date is 30/11/2028.  Qualification Overview (