Electrical Engineering (Switchgear Fitting) (Level 4)

Review of unit standards

Unit standards for review

Electrical EngineeringElectric Switchboards 14979, 14981, 24610, 29750 – 29752, 29755 – 29762

Reasons for the review

The unit standards are due for review to make sure they remain current.

The standard setting responsibility for these unit standards and their review was transferred from Skills Organisation to Waihanga Ara Rau in October 2021.

Areas for comment

Has there been change in the industry which needs to be reflected in the unit standards?

You can choose to comment on all or some of the standards, or just provide general comment about the review. Please make sure you include the ID of any specific unit standard(s) you want to comment on.

IDTitleLevelCreditUse 2017-2022
14979 Demonstrate knowledge of switchboard circuits.441
14981 Modify installed switchboards.451
24610Demonstrate knowledge of busbar design.450
29750 Install automation and control systems in switchboards.431
29751Carry out switchboard tests.490
29752Manage switchgear equipment and switchboards in a safe manner.434
29755 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of switchboard components and their representation in documentation.4120
29756Use and maintain specialised tools for switchboard assembly and demonstrate mechanical fabrication skills.474
29757 Demonstrate and apply knowledge to assemble switchboards.4135
29758Select, install, and terminate cables and wires in switchboards.4132
29759Fabricate and install busbars in switchboards.4142
29760 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of earthing systems, bonding, shrouding, and access control for switchboards.4110
29761 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of regulations and ethical practices relevant to the switchboard industry.450
29762Demonstrate and apply knowledge of testing switchboards.440

We need your feedback!

We would like your thoughts on the review of the Electrical Engineering (Switchgear Fitting) unit standards listed above.

Questions and comments – Ngā pātai me ngā korero?

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