Structural detailing

skill standards development

What’s happening in Structural Detailing?

To support the development of the programme leading to the New Zealand Diploma in Detailing (Structural) level 5, new skill standards have been developed for the introductory programme due to be delivered in 2024.

When is it happening?

The Technical Advisory Group have the first group of standards drafted are seeking your feedback on these.

View the draft standards

Produce technical sketches by hand

Produce a drawing set using 2D computer-aided design software

Produce a digital structural model using 3D computer-aided design software

Apply measurement conventions to structural detailing

Evaluate the properties, applications and limitations of steel and concrete used in structural systems

Describe basic structural systems used in construction

Describe structural component fabrication processes and on-site construction methods

Describe construction industry stakeholders, communication systems and regulatory frameworks

How to give your feedback

If you have an interest in these new standards and wish to provide feedback, please get in touch with Tracy-Lee Burkhart.