Telehandler and Load lifting

unit standards review

We need your feedback!

We would like your thoughts on the review of Telehandler and Load Lifting unit standards listed below:

Subfield: Infrastructure Works   

Domain: Civil Plant Operation

ID Title Level Credit
23637 Operate a telehandler 3 20

Domain: Generic Infrastructure Works

ID Title Level Credit
31245 Plan for and lift, move, and place loads using mobile plant, in infrastructure works environments 3 5


Reasons for the review

The unit standards are due for review as part of the regular review cycle to make sure they remain current.

Contributions to the review are welcomed and feedback is due by 21 September 2023.

Questions and comments/Ngā Pātai me ngā tākapu?

For more information and to give your feedback about this project please please get in touch by 21 September 2023.