Review of NZ Certificate in Roofing under way

We’re working closely with the Roofing Association of New Zealand (RANZ) and other stakeholders to get industry feedback and make sure the NZ Certificate in Roofing qualification continues to meet the current and future needs of the roofing industry.

The review is also an excellent chance to explore whether any other qualifications or micro-credentials are needed to support learning pathways in the roofing sector. This includes pre- and post-apprenticeship training requirements that support people to get into the trade and have a great career. An important new development for the review is the introduction of skill standards. Skill standards will replace unit standards in vocational education. Skill standards give industry more influence and control to shape how their workforce gets qualified.

Unlike unit standards, skill standards can be linked to a specific qualification. When they are linked to a qualification, education providers must use them as the building blocks of their programmes. This means that learning and assessment will be consistent for every apprentice and that industry can be confident that everyone has accessed the same high standard of training.

Skill standards also include information to guide both learning and assessment. This means that industry can now shape not just the types of skills that are assessed but also the training and resources provided to apprentices to support their understanding and skill development.

The qualification and skill standards are currently being developed. We plan to have the review of the Roofing qualification completed in September this year.

Our goal is a qualified, confident, and resilient workforce. If you have feedback on this review of Roofing qualification, please get in touch.