Building skills together

To complete a job on time and on budget, you need people with the right skills. We can help with that.

We're listening to you to make sure vocational education delivers skilled people. 

This is what we do 

  • Skills Leadership – we identify the skills you need and develop industry-endorsed plans to deliver them.
  • Qualifications and standard setting – we create skill standards and qualifications and shape curriculum with the content you need.
  • Quality assurance – we ensure that qualifications for construction and infrastructure are delivered consistently and to a high standard.
  • Brokerage – we connect you with information and advice to help you succeed.
  • Advice – we provide advice to the Tertiary Education Commission on investment in vocational education and training.
  • Programme endorsement – we endorse programmes that lead to industry qualifications.
  • Advocacy – we influence change in vocational education and training for you and our community partners.

What we’re striving for

  • You understand what we do and how we can help you.
  • Qualifications and micro-credentials meet your needs.
  • Assurance practices and programmes support national consistency and quality learning outcomes.
  • Our relationships with Māori support greater awareness of career opportunities in your industry and opportunities to train at all levels.
  • We have strong relationships with people in your industry and productive partnerships with Regional Skills Leadership Groups (RSLGs), Construction Accord, ConCove, industry associations, iwi, hapū and education providers.

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