Image of Mark Dawson

Mark Dawson

Relationship Manager

Mark focuses on building and strengthening relationships with the On-Site Construction: carpentry, concrete, roofing, demolition sectors. He works closely with stakeholders to provide advocacy and support. Ensuring that industry voice is heard and contributes to our investment advice to TEC and the qualifications and targeted vocational education programmes Waihanga Ara Rau develops meet both industry and learner needs are all things Mark is passionate about. He is also committed to ensuring that kinaesthetic learners in the construction and infrastructure sector are adequately served.

Mark has an extensive vocational education and training background, having worked in various roles across different industries. Before joining us, Mark spent five years as the Manager of Construction Trades at Te Pūkenga – Ara Institute of Canterbury, where he gained valuable experience in the construction and infrastructure industries.

Mark is a keen ice hockey player and enjoys playing in a social league in Christchurch. On weekends, he likes to get out on the boat with his wife and son on one of the South Island’s beautiful lakes, hopefully catching fish. Lake Wanaka is his happy place in New Zealand, where he relaxes, catches up with his wider family, and enjoys boating and fishing.