Image of Tony Atina

Tony Atina

Relationship Manager

Tony Atina serves as the Gas sector Relationship Manager, driven by a commitment to fostering positive change and overcoming barriers through a growth mindset and quality education. With an 18-year tenure in the horizontal construction industry, Tony transitioned to the vocational education sector in 2013. He helped establish NZMA Trades to address trade sector shortages and meet the increasing demand from learners eager to enter the industry. Tony’s leadership extended over seven years as the Campus Manager for two Trades campuses. His career also includes roles at research-based ConCove and as Director of Oceania Career Academy, all aimed at supporting learners to achieve qualifications and excel in their chosen trades. Beyond his professional pursuits, Tony is an avid fisherman and sports enthusiast, often spending his weekends engaging in these activities, frequently accompanied by one of his three sons.