The flow of success: navigating the skills pipeline in plumbing

We’ve been working with people across plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying, along with the education sector, to make life easier for apprentices and for the industry.

We’ve done this through three projects:

Project 1: Supporting at-risk apprentices

Waihanga Ara Rau has addressed training gaps for each trainee through assessments on the job. Their assessor has identified what is needed to prove that a trainee is competent in a particular task. This proof includes work plans, job sheets, employer verification (sign-off), photos, and other evidence that the apprentice can collect, to show that they can do what is required within assessment standards.

For theory assessment, assessors are using a new process where they apply their discretion and professional judgment to work with apprentices and subsequently deem them competent. Providers are now looking at how they might extend this to apprentices outside of the project to help them progress through their programme faster.

This project will finish in June. Assessors on this project will get together in April to share what they have learned, and recommendations will be given to training providers. Providers will ensure pilot apprentices with outstanding or overdue requirements remain supported and receive help to catch up.

Project 2: Revision of delivery model

A draft programme framework was developed in conjunction with the PGD Technical Advisory Group (PGD TAG) in early November 2022. Feedback was gathered from the industry, the PGD Board, providers, and apprentices at a series of webinars and in-person events.

The proposed NZ Programmes are due to be finalised in April 2023 via approval from the  PGD Strategic Reference Group. After approval, a transition plan per provider will be developed to transition all learners to the new delivery model without being disadvantaged. We are aiming for the transition date of January 2024.

Look out for an update on this project in our e-newsletter – June/July edition.

Project 3: Capability and capacity review for PGD providers

A capability and capacity review for all PGD providers has been completed and a report is due to be published in April 2023 with the results of this mahi. This will help the sector to understand the provider environment and what needs to be done to better support apprentices and the industry.
These projects are overseen by the PGD Strategic Reference Group and are funded by the Tertiary Education Commission. They are due for completion at the end of June 2023. However, Waihanga Ara Rau will continue to work with providers and industry to ensure apprentices remain supported and recommendations from these projects are adopted.

For more detailed information about these projects, Here’s an overview, plus you can get in touch with us by email.