Capstone unit standards

ESI Capstone Unit Standards

In the Electricity Supply and Electrical sectors, there is a direct correlation between Waihanga Ara Rau qualifications and registration with the EWRB. ‘Capstone’ units have been put in place to ensure robustness and quality assurance that graduates meet both the qualification outcomes and the registration requirements of the EWRB.

The capstone units for electricity supply are assessed within the programme structure. For electrical, ākonga (learners) must complete the external EWRB examinations to be awarded the relevant standard.

A Memorandum of Understanding between the EWRB Board and Waihanga Ara Rau ensures a shared understanding and agreement around the relationship between qualification and capstone requirements.

Capstone units are deemed to be ‘high risk’, so there needs to be a robust process for awarding them and for determining who can assess them.

Please read the Waihanga Ara Rau Capstone Process for more details about capstone standards. If you have questions or want to become a capstone assessor, please email [email protected].