Capstone unit standards

ESI Capstone Unit Standards

There is unprecedented growth and opportunity on the horizon for Aotearoa New Zealand’s Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) with more than $10b of ES capital improvements and new large-scale projects already planned for the next decade.

More than ever, Waihanga Ara Rau has an important role to play in making sure that industry has the right people, with the right skills, at the right time, to keep our ‘lights on’.

Fundamental to the success of the industry, now and in the future, is our mahi with the Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB) who promote safety for all New Zealanders by ensuring the competence of electrical workers. There is a direct connection between ESI qualifications developed by Waihanga Ara Rau and graduates applying for registration with the EWRB. Waihanga Ara Rau has a relationship with EWRB to provide quality assurance and a robust process for graduates completing specified ESI qualifications.

Capstone standards have been put in place to ensure national consistency for the assessment of standards carried out through providers or work-based learning. A review of these standards has also been undertaken to support a fit-for-purpose and consistent approach with best practice principles. Capstone Theory Standard 32255 will be available to all trainees through an online assessment process, and practical standards are contextualised for each electricity supply qualification.

Capstone standards give the EWRB assurance that ESI graduates meet their registration requirements and that they have fulfilled the intended outcomes of their qualification.

Because Capstone standard assessments must be carried out independent of any person who has trained a learner, Waihanga Ara Rau has set up a new Capstone Advisory Group with representatives from the ESI, Private Training Establishments (PTEs), moderators, Connexis (Work Based Learning subsidiary of Te Pūkenga) and EWRB. The group will oversee the appointment of nominated Independent Capstone Endorsed Assessors contracted to Connexis through the new Capstone Assessor Endorsement Policy.

Moving forward, a pool of assessors will be available for industry to use, solely for the assessment of Capstone standards and using Connexis assessment resources.

For a list of current assessors, please contact the assurance team at [email protected]

Capstone Assessors

Below is a list of endorsed capstone assessors:

  • Dave Edgar (MITA) – 027 8400 946
  • Jonathan Ackroyd (Distribution Line Mechanic and Cable Jointing)- 027 460 0695
  • Darwin Rosales (Traction Line Mechanic) – 022 066 9392
  • Kiri Meta (Traction Line Mechanic) – 027 4446186
  • Hira Nathan (Traction Line Mechanic) – 021 422561

Capstone Advisory Group

To provide feedback to the Capstone Advisory Group, please contact the assurance team at [email protected].

Endorsed assessor application process

If you wish to become an endorsed capstone assessor, please complete the Capstone Assessor Endorsement Application form and email it to [email protected].