Building tomorrow’s workforce

Trades Essentials in action

We’re working alongside Workforce Central Dunedin to address workforce needs now and for the future. In collaboration with Hanga-Aro-Rau, we’ve developed a new Trades Essentials programme to support the needs of the Dunedin region. Our qualification developers have worked closely with industry and providers to identify the necessary learning outcomes, aligning with the workforce requirements of the upcoming Dunedin Hospital.

Raymond Clark, Operations Manager at Workforce Central Dunedin, emphasises the programme’s proactive approach to addressing skills shortages and preparing for the future, “We know that the workforce needs of the new hospital cannot be met locally, so Workforce Central Dunedin is acting as a hub designed to bring those people and skills here from the regions. The Trades Essentials programme was imagined to establish our future workforce needs, find a cohort to fill that need, and proactively train them now.”

Collaboration with Workforce Central Dunedin has also led to the creation of a broader Trades Essentials programme roadmap. In the past three months, we have established an advisory skills group and outlined a framework for Trades Essentials. The programme is now in the process of being presented to NZQA. Trades Essentials is designed to offer core skills, knowledge, and attributes essential for entering the trades workforce, enhancing employment opportunities for individuals entering the field.

The partnership between Workforce Central Dunedin and Waihanga Ara Rau, with support from Hanga-Aro-Rau, has proven invaluable. Our local presence and innovative solutions, combined with a WDC-wide commitment to industry input, have contributed to the programme’s success. Raymond says he can already see these collaborative relationships gaining momentum in the years ahead, “Both WDCs have allowed us to imagine things and bring innovation we could never have achieved on our own.”