Temporary Traffic Management (TTM)

Skill Standard Development

We need your feedback.

We are in the final stage of development for the Level 3 skill standards for Temporary Traffic Management.

These skill standards align with the TTM industry competency framework available on the TTM Industry Steering Group website

Industry feedback is critical to ensure these skill standards are fit for purpose. We’d like your feedback on the following:

  1. Do the learning outcomes in the left-hand box describe the skills required to meet the description in the purpose statement?
  2. Will the assessment criteria in the right-hand box make it easy for an Assessor to judge if a learner is competent?
  3. Does the indicative content cover the key learning topics for each assessment criteria?

A programme guidance document is included for additional information.

Provide your feedback by 28 May 2024 on the skill standards and programme guidance by emailing [email protected]

ID Number Title Credits
NIW01 Carry out a low risk, low impact activity on the road reserve 5
MIW01 Perform mobile operations on the road reserve 5
TTM Work Assist with temporary traffic management (TTM) on the road reserve 5


You can access the documents here and here, along with the feedback form.

Questions and comments/Ngā pātai me ngā tākapu? 

For more information about this project or if you have any questions or feedback, please email: [email protected]