Our role in programme endorsement

A principled approach to Workforce Development Councils endorsing unified and transformative programmes.

WDCs support providers through our programme endorsement function. Ohu Ahumahi, the collective of the six Workforce Development Councils (WDC), has identified shared principles that will help providers to develop programmes. The principles have been identified in line with WDC advice to the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) with regard to funding under the Unified Funding System (UFS) and are detailed in the TEC Supplementary Plan Guidance for Investment 2023.

The principles are directly related to how WDCs can support and advise Te Pūkenga, private training establishments (PTEs) and wānanga in the development of unified and/or transformative programmes:

  • A collaborative approach in the development and delivery of vocational education
  • A shift to more in-work vocational education
  • An improvement in equity of outcomes in vocational education provision
  • Increased evidence and analysis supporting provision in vocational education.

WDCs want to signal how we can best support these principles through our programme endorsement function by:

  • Continuing to collaborate and engage with Te Pūkenga, and other providers as programmes are unified, transformed and developed
  • Supporting the use of skill and unit standards in workplace and work-based learning programmes where they are available
  • Supporting and endorsing programmes that provide equity and enable learners and industry to access learning in their preferred way
  • Supporting programmes flexible enough to meet the changing circumstances of learners
  • Gathering and providing research and data on current and future workforce skill needs to assist providers to develop programmes