Success by numbers

It’s true. All the statistics in the world can’t measure the warmth of a smile, but our amazing Qualifications Team, who are busy making qualifications fit for purpose, certainly put a smile on the face of many people throughout the sector. Here’s what they’ve achieved to date. 

  • Reviewed and maintained 35 qualifications this year. This represents around 25% of our qualification suite. This is a critical part of making sure that our qualifications remain fit-for-purpose. 
  • 758 standards were reviewed or developed in 22-23 year. A big part of this work was cleaning up standards that were well overdue for review to ensure that all standards are current and relevant. We also developed new standards that recognize emerging areas in industries and new skills required for existing roles.   
  • Completed or started development for a range of new credentials including: 
        • Steel Fixing/Reinforcing Installation 
        • Transmission Switching 
        • Structured Data Cabling 
        • Underground Utility Location 
        • Demolition 
        • Concrete Pumping 
        • Timber Cassette Manufacture 
        • Temporary Traffic Management Design  
  • Skill standards will form the building blocks for all future micro-credential & qualification pathways. This year our Qualifications team are focused on change and are hard at work developing skill standards across a range of our industries including:
        • Cranes
        • Demolition
        • Carpentry
        • BCATS
        • Industrial Measurement and Control
        • Roofing
        • Painting
        • TTM
        • Flooring
        • Structural Detailing & Cabling.

Visit our Qualifications work in progress page to discover what qualifications are being developed and reviewed.