Thriving People, Thriving Industry Summit

Earlier this month we hosted an event that brought together people from across construction and infrastructure. This included iwi/Māori and Pasifika business leaders, to share examples of best practice, development of tools, lessons, insights, and tips on: 

  • attracting and retaining the right talent 
  • advancing your team through leadership development
  • building a skilled workforce for the future 
  • harnessing the power of diversity, well-being, and culture to drive productivity. 

The summit consisted of panel discussions and keynote speakers. Topics covered included: 

  • Impact of Māori in Construction and Infrastructure.
  • Strength-based leadership in an uncertain and changing world. 
  • A people centric business model for transforming businesses. 
  • A strategic and holistic approach to minding the skills gap. 
  • Widening diversity and its positive effect on productivity and culture. 
  • Skills development and smooth transitions for the future. 
  • How to cultivate inclusive leadership and how it improves productivity. 

Key take aways included: 

  • Look after and invest in your people. 
  • Trust your team and the technology available. 
  • Diversity, inclusion, and equity is important. 
  • How tikanga (living your values) is key. 
  • Being true to your ‘why’. 

Overall the summit was a success and attendees provided positive feedback.