Image of Lauren Swann

Lauren Swann

Relationship Manager Lead: Māori

Lauren’s role is to engage with iwi Māori and Māori-owned businesses to identify future skills and workforce needs in Construction and Infrastructure. This includes advocating for needs to be met by working with industries, training providers, schools, regional bodies, and the government. The aim is to support a stronger voice for iwi Māori, Māori-owned businesses and Māori Training Providers in vocational education and training.

“Kō ngā Pae Tawhiti, Whaia kia Tata Ko ngā Pae Tata, whakamaua kia Tina – The potential for tomorrow depends on what we do today.”

Lauren says, “As a Māori relationship manager for Waihanga Ara Rau, I am committed to supporting iwi and Māori businesses by ensuring equitable access to trade pathways, providers and fit-for-purpose qualifications to support the training and uplift of iwi Māori. If there are gaps, that is where we can help, lean in to advocate via policy and connect with other entities or with training providers to move towards what is needed.

We would like to share the insight and experience our team can offer regarding construction & infrastructure, models of trade pathways that are successful, as well as connect to training providers and support models that can improve success for iwi Māori.”